Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I’d be fine with the consolation prize.

Last week I told you about the Halloween Trivia Contest at A Dozen Eggs. I was sure I was going to win the 3 tins of Halloween cookies. And by sure I mean I was absolutely positive I was going to win. I had already picked what I wanted.

As it turns out, I didn’t win. And neither did you apparently because I said that if any of you won, I wanted the “Witches Brew” set and I haven’t been notified as to when I’ll be getting your cookies. I will, however, get a cool consolation prize: something from Vermont and one of these cool Day of the Dead skull cookies.
One cookie isn’t going to do it for me though. So I’m going to take advantage of A Dozen Eggs shipping special and get me that “Witches Brew” and maybe the “Haunted Graveyard.” And if you think you’re getting one of my coveted treats, you’re probably wrong (I could be swayed but it’s doubtful).

Monday, October 6, 2008

It wouldn't be ironic to share a cookie contest with you.

I’ve been reading “A Dozen Eggs” blog for months now, drooling over beautiful iced sugar cookies, Vermont, and yummy savory dishes. Well, right now you can enter a Halloween Trivia Contest simply by answering a few fun questions. The winner will be chosen on Saturday and you’ll get 3 small tins of Halloween Cookies.

I’ve already picked which ones I want and if I don’t win, you can order the “Witch’s Brew” for me. Thanks!