Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Whys of a Blog

I've been contemplating this blog for a long time. I've even composed a number of entries in my head...haven't written a single one but composed them nonetheless.

Basically I have found myself a little bigger than I would like...maybe a lot bigger. In high school, I was pretty athletic (a runner). In college, I did not gain the freshman fifteen. In graduate school, I was still fairly healthy. All the while I had a very poor image of my body. Boy was I wrong!!!

My final year of grad school I had to take a prescription that "forced" me to gain 40lbs. I worked at getting rid of it but wasn't very successful. This last year I was under great much so I would wake up in the morning with my teeth bared together. I was getting a transfer for work, waiting on my boyfriend to "pop the question", moving to a new city, and selling my house. At the end of the year I did get married (question was popped and I answered) and tried to get settled in new job, new house, new life. And I gained another 40lbs.

So here I am 80lbs after high school trying to live in a world full of low-rise jeans, clothes made entirely of stretch, and skinny-minis everywhere. I have thoughts on diet, exercise, walking the mall, and what life would be like...if I were skinny.

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