Thursday, February 28, 2008

I could have 2 servings of ice cream in a day and feel no guilt.

Since I keep putting off going to the grocery store, we're about out of food here. All of my frozen stores, minus 20 tiny portions of really fatty and really delicious tomato basil soup, are gone. Yesterday I ate the last of the frozen french fries at lunch (meaning I really couldn't have chicken nuggets again because there'd be nothing to eat with them--yes, I am 5). Thus, I had to eat a Lean Cuisine Flat Bread Sandwich that I had picked up a few weeks ago just to try. I will say it was pretty good (not amazing or anything but good nonetheless).

And yet a little while after lunch, I needed something more. I charged right into the kitchen a got a mug of ice cream (please note that it was Mayfield Light Vanilla Frozen Yogurt but it tastes just like regular ice cream) with Hershey's syrup (fat free my friends).

For the last week I have been suffering with "it's almost Spring and the weather is wacky" allergies. I've been taking my meds regularly but my nose is still a little stuffy and now there is drainage which means my throat is a little raw.

After dinner, the rawness was really getting me and I remembered that there was a little bit of sherbet in the freezer from when I had the flu (that my loving husband so nicely shared with me). I got the tub and finished it off (really there was not so much left). The frozen orange goodness eased my pain, though it still hurts and tomorrow there will be no sherbet relief, unless I drag my butt to the store...if we're planning to eat something other than canned corn, I'll have to do that anyway!

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